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Baccarat with a live dealer is an exciting card game with very simple rules. In online casinos, the player watches the process from several points of view at once thanks to the cameras installed in the hall. The best provider of Live Baccarat for online casinos is the famous provider Evolution Gaming company. Another leading live dealer gaming provider, Ezugi, is part of Evolution Gaming. 77Spins Casino offers several Baccarat versions by Ezugi like Dragon Tiger, Golden Baccarat Super 6, Salsa Baccarat, Baccarat No Commission, Andar Bahar, Golden Baccarat Knock Out, and Baccarat Marina Casino.
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Baccarat with a live dealer from Evolution Gaming

We offer you a fantastic live casino experience - 77Spins Casino invites you to enjoy a real casino experience in your own home. Some variations of Baccarat from Evolution Gaming, for example, Baccarat Marina Casino, are broadcasted via video-link from real casino studios. Live casinos are great because they provide both the thrills of a land-based casino and all the online casinos, including huge real money bonuses, software from trusted top developers like Evolution Gaming, and superior game variety.

Live baccarat provides a presence effect and does not have many differences from a game in a land-based casino. An additional plus is that you are at home in comfortable conditions and can play from any device you prefer, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Evolution Gaming offers several Baccarat options, including the ones with multi-camera shooting, which provides cinematic quality, full presence effect and gives you the maximum thrill. Baccarat with a live dealer from Evolution Gaming is an active and exciting game, where you can make additional bets, watch statistics and follow your progress. The opportunity to play online Baccarat with a real dealer has returned a lively charm to the virtual game and won the hearts of many fans.

Interior design

Baccarat is one of the most interesting casino games. You will have to play against a dealer who will help you understand each stage of the game. When you need to place a bet, you will see the inscription 'Place Your Bets', and the dealer will also notify you about this. If you do not have time to place a bet, you will have to wait for the next round. The betting control panel is conveniently located at the bottom of the screen. The dealer and the gaming table are located in the Evolution Gaming studio. Only one camera works in this live game, but the video quality is amazing. The video is broadcast in excellent quality. That is possible to lower the broadcast settings if your system requires it. Since this is a card game, there are no slow-motion replays or a lot of cameras at different angles – but you will still be able to follow each stage of the game and not miss anything. When it's time to place a bet, the control panel will move slightly up, notifying you that you can now place chips.

Game Description

Place your bets and show your skills in Baccarat Live from Evolution Gaming. If you want to win in this game, you have to beat the dealer. Baccarat is a fun and exciting gameplay with a great opportunity to win big. Get ready to try your luck and try to take a big win with you.

How to play Baccarat: the rules of the game

The main purpose of this card game is to score as many points as possible using only two or three cards. In the old days, Baccarat was considered as a card game exclusively for rich aristocrats, since high stakes were always a part of it. Modern online baccarat with a live dealer also has a fairly high level of bets. But the amount of winnings in it is also very high! According to legend, the baccarat game originated in Italy and the person who invented this fantastic game was called Felix Falguere. He created baccarat on the basis of the Etruscan ritual of worship of the nine gods. A virgin became a priestess if she threw 8 or 9 on a nine-sided bone, was excommunicated from religious rites if she received 6 or 7, was brought as a gift to the sea if she threw a number less than 6. Modern baccarat has also preserved these rules. Of course, now the stakes have become less dramatic. The game involves the participation of two parties: the player and the dealer. After two cards are dealt, the goal is to score 9 points or the number as close to 9 as possible.


- An ace gives 1 point
- cards from 2 to 9 are evaluated according to the face value
- tens and characters are 0 points.
If the resulting amount is 10 points or more, the ten is subtracted, and only the remainder is taken into account when calculating the result. Let's say there are 7 and 5 on the hands, in total 12. Subtract a dozen, it turns out 2-so there are 2 points on your hands.
Bets in online baccarat are placed on one of the fields: "Player" / "Bank" / "Draw". After the cards are dealt, the points are counted, the one who scored 9 points wins. Also, the one who scored 8 wins if the opponent has fewer points.

Dealing the third card

In baccarat, the dealer will draw a third card based on predetermined rules. In a situation, if none of the participants has 8 or 9 points, it is possible to get the 3rd card. Those predetermined rules are:
1. The player gets the 3rd card first if he has less than 7 points.
2. The dealer receives the card if he has less than 7 points:
- when the dealer has 6 points, the card is issued to him if the player has 6 or 7 points after the 3rd card;
- when the dealer has 5 points, the card is issued to him if the player has from 4 to 7 points after the 3rd card;
- when the dealer has 4 points, the card is issued to him if the player has from 2 to 7 points after the 3rd card;
- when the dealer has 3 points, the card is always issued, except the situation if the player has 8 points;
- when the dealer has 0 to 2 points, the card is always issued. The final score is calculated when the dealer has taken (or refused to take) the 3rd card. The winner is the one with the highest number of points and, therefore, the bet placed on him wins.

Rules of baccarat are very easy - even a child can figure out how to play it. After several games, scoring comes to automatism and does not cause any difficulties. The game takes quite a bit of time, so baccarat fans prefer to play it online as soon as there is a free minute: during lunch break, on a trip, before going to bed. Speed Baccarat

This is a super-fast alternative to the classic baccarat with a live dealer. If the standard classic baccarat round lasts on average 48 seconds, in Speed Baccarat it lasts no more than 27 seconds! The cards are dealt face-up, that way the time for summing up is minimized. Live Speed Baccarat is played according to the same rules as regular baccarat, so if you are familiar with this game, there will be no difficulties. The broadcast is conducted in real-time from the Evolution Gaming Studios. 8 decks are used for the game. Also, in Live Speed Baccarat, there are side bets and there is no random shuffling.

The game begins with the dealer distributing 2 open cards to himself and the player. Then you will have 12 seconds to decide on making a bet. If you decide to take the third card, the dealer will immediately give it to you. When the round ends, there are three different options: either the dealer wins, or the hand ends in a draw, or the player wins. If you win, your winnings are immediately paid to you. Then you will have 12 seconds to bet for the next round. Live Speed Baccarat has a fairly flexible betting system: the value of chips varies from 1 to 10,000 euros. When the betting period begins, these chips are highlighted.


Baccarat with a live dealer is great entertainment for those who like games based on probability theory, live communication with a dealer, and the land-based casino atmosphere. Live Baccarat from Evolution Gaming provides the same features as playing in a land-based casino but offers much more useful information for additional analysis and calculations. Therefore, it is much easier to make successful bets! Our online casino features all the popular versions of baccarat with a live dealer from Evolution Gaming. Check Them Now!

We are always at your side – 77Spins Casino offers a great portfolio of live games including Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack. Be sure to start your gambling journey at 77Spins Casino today!
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