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The gambling world is filled with words and idioms you usually don't hear every day. This is a significant part of the gambling culture. In the eighteenth century, card games became very popular in America. Cards were so widespread, that the slang associated with them permeated the everyday language and even have survived to the present day. We don’t even think, for example, why the word "deal" is used in the expression "big deal" or why the exclamation "You bet!" means "of course." These phrases were used by card players, and then became a common part of the language.

Many idioms originally had a literal meaning. Today we use many of them in our daily life, although they began to acquire new meanings. For example, the expression "pass the buck" meant simply "pass the deck", and now it is used in the sense of "remove responsibility". "The buck stops here" is often used as the "last resort" idiom.

Regarding the gambling world, sometimes for beginners, listening to unusual sayings and idioms can be like hearing a completely different language. In this article, we have prepared a list of gambling idioms every beginner should know. Feeling lucky? 77Spins Casino is the right place for both experienced and novice players. Learn gambling idioms, get ready for the game and try your luck
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Card playing idioms Playing cards is a fascinating and exciting process. Colorful "sevens " and" kings " hide a lot of meanings, Let's have a look at idioms with a game theme and their figurative meaning.

Ace in the hole This phrase means a certain advantage, hidden for the time being, but which suddenly can be used. Another similar expression is - to have an ace up one's sleeve – which in turn means to have a hidden advantage in something.

As cocky as the king of spades Strange thing: spades is the suit that makes us associate with guile, bragging, egocentrism, and daring. Hence this idiomatic expression is used in the meaning of arrogant, confident, self-satisfied, and pompous.

Call a spade a spade Again, the theme of the spades is outlined in other idioms. In this case, it means: to call things by their proper names, to speak as it is, without embellishment.

Call (one’s) bluff According to the words of the idiom, this one means to reveal someone's lies, expose intrigue, reveal a plan.

Common gambling idioms for beginners Are you a newbie to the gambling world? Don’t worry if you don’t understand the most common gambling idioms and phrases – we will teach you everything about the gambling community. Idioms are considered as the spice that brings unmistakable flavor to words. In the gambling world, everything starts with the game. Below are the most common idioms with this word:

1. Game over. It is used in cases where someone has failed, so we constantly see this phrase if we fail a level in a computer game. But it can be used everywhere: in business, in sports games, etc. Also, this phrase is an abbreviated version of the game is over. Colloquial speech tends to reduce all possible unnecessary parts to make it shorter and easier, and this is a normal phenomenon, the more popular the phrase, the more likely it is to change. There is also a synonym for The Game Is Up, which means the same thing.


• It's "game over" for you.

• The king is checkmated and the game is over.

• Well, the game is up and we're going to have to close down the company.

2. Cat and mouse game. This idiom reflects a situation in which two parties are involved in a constant routine of actions, in which the advantage alternates between them. Here we immediately remember the famous Tom and Jerry cartoon.


• Enough of this stupid cat-and-mouse game.

• I don't want to participate in a cat-and-mouse game.

3. Back in the game. - Resuming something after an absence. Although this phrase uses the word "game", it does not necessarily refer to sports or gambling, and often it can be heard in everyday dialogues. Examples:

• I'm back in the game - this phrase and its variations appeared everywhere starting from the TV series "Friends", "Clinic" and ending with the cartoon "Despicable Me".

• She called you to let me know she's back in the game.

4. A mug's game. A task or activity that is stupid, dangerous, or will not lead to a positive result. Most often you can hear this idiom in the UK. Examples:

• She decided that freelancing was a mug's game.

• Gambling is a mug game.

5. A confidence game. "A way to inspire confidence in someone and then deceive them." Example:

• Don't fall for Tony's sad story—he's known for playing games with confidence.

6. New ball game. The situation is completely different from what it was before. This idiom is used both in everyday life and in business. Examples:

• This is a brand-new ball game since he took over this office.

• I think we've just entered a whole new game with this deal!

7. Ahead of the game. To have an advantage over the situation, be one step ahead of the competitors. Examples:

• Do you think you're ahead of the game?

• Try studying 30 minutes before you go to bed to stay ahead of the game in math.

8. Give the game away - blab / give out a secret/spoiler a joke/prank / make public. Here the meaning depends on the context. Examples:

• If I tell you our plans, I'll give the game away.

• He gave the game away when he said that he had been in New York on business. As you can see, such idioms and phrases are found everywhere: in sports, the Internet, politics, finance, and everyday life.

Idioms about excitement and risk We have also prepared a list of idioms about risk and excitement. Those are important gambling parts, right? Visit the Casino section at 77Spins Casino to experience it yourself!

1. To bet your bottom dollar – give your head on the cut: to be sure of something. Example: I can bet my bottom dollar that Jennifer will be late.

2. To bet on the wrong horse.

Example: They truly believed that their candidate would win this election, but it looks like they bet on the wrong horse.

3. To play Russian roulette – risk your life.


You are playing Russian roulette every time you drive alone in this neighborhood at night.

4. To sweeten the pot – lure, entice.


If their travel agency sweetens the pot with a trip to Venice, they'll sell more tickets.

5. To roll the dice - take a chance.


Although Samantha had a boyfriend, Bill rolled the dice and invited her to dine out.

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